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Your Life's Purpose in God's Grand Design" was written for you by my special favored son. He is my sacred child, like of all of you are. But listen to what he has to say for I approve of His words in this book. Listen to him with both your ears, for Richard has a unique and true understanding of things. Richard is one of my special children even before he was born on the Earth. If you listen to what he has to say and read what he has written, that will lead you back to me without fail."

I Love You, Almighty God

  • This book was written by the direct command of our Holy Father in Heaven for You dear child of God. It is intended for God’s sacred Children, those who want to go to Heaven and live accordingly. For all others we must pray intently for them.
  • God our Father wants His exact words contained within this book to be communicated outward to all His sacred children. This is my task dear reader as His anointed messenger.
  • This book greatly expands our understanding of the Bible and answers many questions we Christians have had for so long. Christians have waited for 2,000 years to receive what is said herein
  • Read what Jesus said about His life on earth, His crucifixion, and His ascension.
  • Read about:
    • Why Lucifer Fell, Why Adam and Eve Fell too
    • Hell is Not Fire and Brimstone. It involves dissolution and permanent extinction.
    • The necessity for fine-tuned synchronicity of God’s three creations: the spiritual realm, the physical realm, and the human body. All three are designed to work tightly together.
    • What existed before Biblical creation?
    • On Jesus becoming human and Divine at the same time. Torn between the two. What was that like for Him? Jesus explains.
    • The “lost Years” of Jesus and His return to Jerusalem
    • Spiritual Warfare today, Beware of Religious leaders in high places!
    • What Really Happens When We Die
    • Much more, so much more



Richard Ferguson holds academic degrees in chemistry, physics, philosophy, and Master’s degrees in business, theology and pastoral ministry. Additionally, he has a scientific background and worked at NASA in their planetary branch studying extraterrestrial phenomena. He is a pure seeker of God’s Truth and is an anointed man of God who seeks to deliver God’s Word to all man.



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Your Life's Purpose in God's Grand Design EBOOK

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