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Why, I wondered, did Jesus heal Lazarus but not Todd? Did I not have enough faith? Where was the miracle I prayed for?


"Hope, fear, disappointment, joy, and sorrow tint and shape Brenda's faith in God as she watched Todd's illness deepen and death draw near. In the end, the God who sent His Son into the world to save us all is the God Brenda describes as saving her from profound grief and loss." -Dan Brooks, pastor


"Todd's sweet submission to suffering made a lasting impression on me. Few people have impacted me the way Todd did." -Carol Loescher, medical doctor


"Todd's diagnosis held the capacity for utter devastation. Instead, Todd was one of those truly remarkable kids who was able to live out his short time with absolute grace. The manner in which Todd and his family lived his last year demonstrate just how powerful it can be to call upon your faith." -John Chandler, surgeon



Brenda Lurtey is a fun-loving wife and mother. She loves to swim, spend quality time with friends, bake biscotti, and formulate new recipes based on classics. Brenda has been married for twenty-three years and has been blessed with three sons and one daughter. She currently lives with her husband and children in Greenville, South Carolina.


AUTHOR: Brenda Lurtey


CATAGORY: Religion, Christian Life, Inspirational

Your Eyes Saw

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