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Why Are We Here? is anchored on the weightiness of God’s declaration that; “My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge” (Hos. 4:6). It presents the perspective of God, using scripture to interpret scripture.


The high level of understanding demonstrated was possible by the anointing of the Holy One. It was neither by scholarship nor mentoring.


Dr. Ubebe proves with scripture that:

Grace is the intercession by Christ Jesus and not unmerited favor

The origin of celestial and terrestrial bodies

God instituted the principle of born of water and spirit in the creation of Adam.

The mysteries of creation are clarified with precision and biblical confirmation.


Several new frontiers are opened, suggesting it for research material into deep things of man. Dr. Ubebe seeks to stir inquest out of the box of rudimentary biblical knowledge to the vast bequeath of scripture.


Previous titles include: Return to God (2013), The Choice is Yours (2014), Visions of Righteousness of God (2016), Doomed Christianity, and The Unshakeable Lifeline (2019).




Born in 1945 at Obadan, Benin City, Nigeria. Dr. Danson Enogiomwan Ubebe retired from Shell Nigeria in 2004 after 33 years of service. He writes Christian books by the anointing of the Holy One who loads him with revelation knowledge. He received two Doctorate Degrees awards in 2014 in recognition of the contribution his book, "Return to God," has made to the understanding of biblical TRUTH. He runs an NGO to assist indigent cancer patients, visit Prison to teach morals to inmates and also help needy persons build capacity.



Grace and Glory, Grace and Power, Inspirational



Why Are We Here?

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