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Have you found your "spot" in this world? This universe is really great! But unless you make the most of your life, it will be a total waste of time. Life is a precious gift from God. Many think we do not have the right to make any choices and end up allowing others make the most important decisions. This book will open many "avenues" for you if you allow God's Son to become your very best friend, take you by the hand and help you find your "perfect spot" in this world. You must learn to communicate with God and trust Him to lead and direct you. It is my sincere dsesire to help you understand why you are here and where your perfect place is in this world and in the next world to come and even show you how to live just for Him.


AUTHOR: Neysa Caceres


CATAGORIES: Inspirational

Why Am I Here on this Earth

SKU: 159755085X
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