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When Angels Gather Here, Ten Art Lessons For Children, is about becoming an artist. Art enlivens the spirit and the mystery of beauty fills every page. Although each lesson is meant to teach children, both parents and teacher can benefit from the basic techniques describe herein. Introductory contour drawing and color theory begin our exploration into the world of art. Each child enters into areas of adventure and freedom of expression while learning how to love and make art. Lessons include portrait, symmetry, collage and final sculpture using clay and plaster of paris. The skills mention are tried and true, calling upon discipline and creativity to get the job done. Wonderment and self-worth are goals I strived for and I promise a new world of experience for beginners and teachers alike. God bless your endeavors.


Author: Susan Geiger


Categories: Art, Drawing, Techniques

When Angels Gather Here

SKU: 9781597552615
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