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Kristine (aka Kay) Rinson’s life had been perfect. Until, suddenly, it wasn’t. Dealing with her new reality and struggling to forgive herself, Kay’s now looking to the God of her deceased brother. Then life gets a whole lot more interesting when the new guy at school turns his heart-stopping smile her way.


Zachary Jasorn’s life has been anything but perfect. He’s been known to break noses and hearts, refusing to let anyone get within arms length. Instead of moving around, he kinda likes it here. He’s met a girl, and he’s been placed with an incredible new foster family. It all seems too good to be true. He’s beginning to think maybe God isn’t such a far-fetched idea.


Arris and Mark are the guardian angels fighting for Kay and Zach. Larus, Satan’s right-hand man, has a mission: destroy these kids. Light and darkness battling, can one teenager's prayer really alter their story?

What If I'm Home With You

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