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Why does God allow wars, destruction, persecution, and the death of decent people? Wouldn’t a good God overcome these things, or protect His people from them? Many pray, yet don't see the results of their prayer. Why is that? Doesn’t God care? Is there any hope for a brighter future?


These are questions often asked, but seldom answered adequately.


What God Wants You to Know is a different kind of devotional. Not light reading, it provokes the reader toward a quest for deeper meaning. It is for those who want to understand what God is up to when He inspires people to act, write, speak, even change the world for Him.


Look inside. Let the pages feed your search. Discover what God meant when He said “Let there be light” and “God so loved the world that He gave...” You might just find the true heart of God that was meant for you.



LELE BEUTEL spent years searching the Bible for answers to puzzling life questions. After divorce and the death of her son, she dug even deeper in search of answers. Armed with a greater understanding, she recorded her findings in this devotional, so others might benefit from God’s insight. The author of Flora’s Story and The Reignbreaker, she inspires others in their life journeys.

What God Wants You To Know

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