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Have you ever had your faith challenged by an unbeliever to where you felt helpless and without an answer? If so, this book is for you. Whether the challenge comes from unsaved loved ones, co-workers, college professors, or TV personalities, you can be certain that such challenges will come to every Christian. Knowing this, the Bible commands every Christian to be ready. The purpose of this book is to help Christians to always be prepared to make a defense for the hope that is within them (1Peter 3:15). Yet, if we are to properly achieve this goal, then a particular type of defense is in order-a presuppositional defense. "We Destroy Arguments" gives you just that. When it is all said and done, Christians will learn how to make an irrefutable defense for the hope that is within them. Truly, this book is what Evangelicals have been waiting for. Stephen Feinstein is a pastor at Sovereign Way Christian Church in Hesperia, CA. His ministry focuses heavily on expositional preaching, biblical counseling, systematic theology, apologetics, church history, and practical theology. His goal is to help Christians become biblical people doing biblical things in the biblical way. He also is a United States Army Reserve chaplain.


AUTHOR: Stephen Feinstein


CATAGORY: Christian Theology, Apologetics



Apologetics; Apologetics a justification of Christian belief; apologetics beyond reason; apologetics bible study; apologetics book; apologetics for a new generation Sean McDowell; presupposition; presuppositional apologetics

We Destroy Arguments

SKU: 9781597550628
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