Kelal & Temple are best friends and young inventors. They had no idea of the discoveries they would make while building their inventions and attending a new highly technological school called Wala Kee Kee’s School for Young Scientists.


  • Kee Kee’s is no ordinary school. Everything inside the school is operated by special microchips that are implanted into each student's hand. They also receive a digital avatar for support through the year and a programmable fly carrier which they use for transportation.


For some reason, Kelal has a hard time receiving his microchip and may have to leave Wala Kee Kee’s School. Students that cannot receive the chip are expelled!


Kelal & Temple meet two other students at the school. They become close friends and do everything together. While on a mineral digging mission, they uncover a mineral that is attracted to the Northern Lights’ magnetic pull. Together the four students endeavor on a time-traveling adventure via the Northern Lights.


During their travels, they meet inventors from the past and are given parts to aid them in completing their own inventions. They are then whisked off by drones that carry them to a strange place that starts another adventure.


Through it all, the four remain friends and learn that perseverance is the key to success.




Jacqueline Walkes is a native New Yorker and one of four siblings. Her mother was a nurse at the Brooklyn V.A. Hospital, NY. Her father was a member of the United States Army where he served for 22 yrs. He fought in the Vietnam War and Korean War. Jacqueline grew up in many different places due to her father being in the Army and her family was able to travel with him. One of the many places she lived was Germany where Jacqueline and her family lived for six years. She speaks and understands some German and can count in four different languages


Jacqueline earned a Master of Science Education at Brooklyn College, Brooklyn New York. She became a teacher for the New York City Dept. of Education and retired in October 2016. By December 2016 she began working for a Non-Profit Oraganiztion which has one of the largest after school programs in New York. Jacqueline Walkes lives in Far Rockaway, New York and has two children and three Grandsons.



CHILDRENS BOOKS: Science Fiction & Fantasy



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Wala Kee Kee's School for Young Scientists EBOOK

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