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Do you want to know how to pray? Do you want to know the foundational keys to making your prayer life impactful? Do you want to experience more depth and intimacy in your relationship with Christ?


In Waiting on God: How Patience Creates Prayers with Impact, author Elena Radef takes the readers on an important journey through the Bible, especially in Song of Songs, to examine the significance of having a deep-rooted prayer life, how to emancipate people from religious prayers into answered prayers with liberty and impact. Discovering how to Scripturally pray effective prayers over yourself is the key!


Through her personal experiences, author Elena helps readers pinpoint any self-imposed limitations hindering them from experiencing a prosperous prayer life. Readers will understand their spiritual identity in Christ and how He calls us to take action as we live and move in the world.



Elena Radef has worked in private practice and within renowned corporations for the past thirty years. Currently, she is an Evangelist and Teacher. Her desire is for everyone to experience the anointing of the Holy Spirit.


Elena Radef's educational background: Danish Psychotherapist Association, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology, Training Instructor Education, and Bible school.



RELOIGION: Christian Life – Inspirational

RELOIGION: Christian Life –Prayer



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Waiting on God EBOOK

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