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God has designed the church for a specific purpose. Moreover, the church is an extension of the ministry of Jesus Christ. The purpose of the church, then, is to continue doing what Jesus did throughout His earthly ministry. With this theorem in mind, the work's rationale is presented. God designed the church and then supplied her with the ability and the wherewithal to do what she was designed to do and to exist the way He wanted her to. Thus, the church was designed by God to be filled with believers who would live their lives victoriously by simply knowing and applying the word of God to their lives every day. God designed the church so that she would reflect His power, majesty, splendor, blessings, and purpose. Thus, the purpose of this book is not to attempt to explain God; neither is it an academic apologetic for the fundamental teachings of the Christian. Believers are not told to defend their belief in the scripture, only to be prepared to answer it. However, this work aims to approach the subject of Christian doctrine only, using easy-to-follow lessons on varied Christian doctrines and examination that will measure students' growth and understanding as it relates to the subject matter being discussed. In short, this book is a discipleship tool that anyone in the body of Christ can use for the purpose of helping believers learn and understand solid Christian doctrine from a practical perspective.



Dr. John R. Adolph is an honors graduate from the Interdenominational Theological Center, Morehouse School of Religion (MDIV) in Atlanta, Georgia. He is also a graduate of the Houston Graduate School of Theology (DMIN) in Houston, Texas.


Dr. Adolph is the Pastor of Antioch Missionary Baptist Chinch in Beaumont, Texas. He is a gifted teacher and preacher of the Word of God.



RELIGION: Christian Living – Spiritual Growth

RELIGION: Christian Ministry – Discipleship

RELIGION: Christian Living – Inspirational



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Victorious Christian Living VOLUME 1 - EBOOK

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