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If you ask 100 people what the Kingdom of Heaven is, you’ll probably get 500 answers. Everyone has an opinion on it, but most of the answers only raise more questions.


Thy Kingdom Come reveals everything you need about the Kingdom of God, using a unique blend of the practical and the informative. You will learn about the Kingdom, while learning how to live Kingdom life.


In eleven short chapters, we uncover the fundamentals of the Kingdom, Kingdom life, and Kingdom finances. Jesus said if we love Him, we must keep His commandments, but few persons can articulate them. We unearth them in this book.


Any follower of Jesus, wanting to understand the Kingdom of Heaven, as practiced by the Apostles and the early church, should read this book. Anyone interested in God’s message about money and finances, should read this book. Anyone wanting to enter God’s Kingdom, should read this book.



Reverend Patrick McFall is a minister, accountant, banker, entrepreneur, and now author. He serves as Associate Minister at Bethel Baptist Church, Nassau Bahamas and Board Member of Progressive National Baptist Convention, USA. He has held multiple executive positions in banking and, with his wife, Reverend Lavette, founded Money Managers Co. Ltd., a Bahamian financial institution.



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Thy Kingdom Come

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