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Larry Sheets has written a decisive treatise on the subject of truth. The notion of absolute truth is foundational and yet some believe it to be elusive as "regional" or relegated to time. Larry deals with that and then moves to the issue of the truth of Scriptures; which is very excellent by the way. And then he gets to the point that the Holy Spirit is God's chosen conveyor of truth. He, the Spirit of Truth, is the ultimate truth man can know. I highly recommend a slow reading with notepad in hand! You will take notes and enjoy the detail that ties each section together.

Rev. Terry Chapman, retired, Church of the Nazarene


Larry Sheets is one of the most interesting and versatile conversationalists I have ever encountered. He can talk about electronics and technology as if he invented them (and maybe he did through the 16 patents he holds). Larry is also an award-winning farmer having planted over 100,000 hardwood trees in Iowa as "an investment in the future." He has served the common good through public service and political service creating interesting insights from which we can profit. But most importantly Larry Sheets can talk about God as if he knows God personally. His story and his thoughts are worth engaging.

Jerry B. Cain, Chancellor, Judson University, Elgin, Illinois


Larry was a colleague and steadfast friend at Bell Telephone Laboratories. There, he was awarded the honorary Distinguished Member of Technical Staff, (DMTS). He moved on to become a Director of Engineering at Rockwell International, and then a Vice President and Chief Technical Officer at Teltrend Inc. Larry's capabilities extended into various fields. His knowledge of the Scriptures, mathematics, and scientific concepts have made for challenging discussions. The combination of his concise writing, his knowledge of the scriptures, and his scientific approach makes this book a valuable and unique addition to a seeker’s library.

Menachem Ardon, Ph.D. University of Iowa. Electrical Engineering, Retired DTMS with 25 US Patents



Professional Activities:

Electrical engineer, Distinguished Member of Technical Staff at Bell Telephone Laboratories

Director of Advanced Technology at Rockwell International

Vice President of Engineering, and Chief Technical Officer at Teltrend inc.

Awarded 16 U.S. patents.

Hardwood tree farmer, having planted 120,000 hardwood Trees in Iowa

Served three terms in the Iowa House of Representatives.



B.S. electrical engineering, Purdue University

M.S. electrical engineering, University of Michigan

M.B.A., Illinois Institute of Technology.



Amateur Radio operator K9PAX since 1958

Served as a member of the Moulton-Udell School Board

Moulton, IA Economic Development Association

Served 15 years on the Judson University President's Advisory Board

Served on the Hope Pregnancy Center Board, and Christian education church board (chairman)

Conservation award recipient for planting 120,000 trees

Served as a Member of the Indian Hills Sustainable Agriculture Advisory Board



Born in 1943 in Hammond, Indiana

Resides in Centerville, Iowa



Seven sons and three daughters


RELIGION: Church Leadership – Pastoral Resources



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The Witness and Spirit of Truth EBOOK

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