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An executive guide to managing large, complex, and long-range projects.


A manager sets objectives - A manager organizes – A manager motivates and communicates – A manager establishes yardsticks and develops people.

Traditionally, we have searched for the miracle worker with the magic wand to turn an ailing organization around. However, establishing, maintaining, and restoring a theory does not require a Genghis Khan or Leonardo da Vinci in the executive suite. What’s required is not genius; it is hard work. It is not being clever; it is being conscientious. It is what CEOs are paid for. In this book, Wayne Heard explains in detail how to manage large, complex, and long-range projects.



THE ULTIMATE GUIDE FOR CEOs should be a go-to resource for everyone in a leadership position. Wayne Heard provides management strategies that simplify the complex and give leaders the tools to spend time, money, and energy more effectively than ever before.

This book distinguishes itself from other leadership books by avoiding empty platitudes and self-congratulatory narratives by laying out the real strategies that top leaders employ in successful organizations. In his many years of service to our nation as an Army officer, I know Wayne has witnessed the effectiveness of these strategies firsthand, and the strong, specific examples he employs will leave the reader feeling like they have, too.

Lieutenant General William B. Caldwell IV, U.S. Army (Retired), President of Georgia Military College


Wayne Heard has perfectly captured the essence of Bob Jackson’s incredible leadership. COL Jackson’s experience, management, and daily example are his legacy to our Army and our Nation, as those of us fortunate enough to have served with him go on to reflect his teaching, coaching, and mentorship. The skills we learned under his training and guidance are more than just military-focused—they are lifelong lessons in leadership.

Lieutenant General Francis “Frank” Wiercinski, US Army (Retired)


Wayne Heard’s new book, THE ULTIMATE GUIDE FOR CEOs, is a great must-read for leaders in an organization and would be of interest to anyone wanting their business to succeed.  It is a well-written book combining a lifetime of personal and professional experiences in both the military and civilian spectrums. A comprehensive practical resource guide for business owners and corporations alike, filled with anecdotes and useful pathways and strategies for success. This book may be recommended as one of the clearest handbooks on how transformational leadership can improve the overall functioning of an organization. Highly recommended!

Jamie G. Herbert, former University Educational Advisor 


From the battlefield to the boardroom, Wayne Heard has written the ultimate guide to organizational effectiveness! If you want to know how U.S. Army Special Forces Officers create order out of chaos, this is for you!

Mission Accomplished! Wayne Heard has written the definitive guide to project organization, management, and success! In this time of overdependence on technology, Heard focuses on the #1 resource of any organization—its people! Leveraging his expertise from years of service as an Army officer and Green Beret, Wayne has a unique perspective on leading and organizing complex projects under demanding conditions. This is a must-read for anyone seeking to organize and lead projects big and small.

Mark Shoaff, Master Sergeant, Florida State Patrol, Bureau of Criminal Investigation and Intelligence


THE ULTIMATE GUIDE FOR CEOs by Wayne Heard is an extremely useful tool for any decision maker, leader, manager, and/or planner to have in their toolbox of references. It is Highly organized and well laid out and can be used as a quick reference guide or an in-depth project analyzer.

Mr. Heard uses credible sources and first-hand experiences to support his ideas and methods. He has taken existing planning techniques and tailored them so that they are useful in any organization, whether civilian or military. He also has original thoughts that are insightful.

I strongly recommend this book to anyone who aspires to lead in any field of endeavor, civilian or military. THE ULTIMATE GUIDE FOR CEOs is a must-have in anyone’s library.

Charles W Higbee, Colonel US Army (Retired), Former Chairman, Department of Academic Affairs, U.S. Army War College; Former Assistant for Planning and Requirements, Office of the Secretary of Defense for Special Operations and Low Intensity Conflict


Wayne Heard’s book, THE ULTIMATE GUIDE FOR CEOs, is compelling and provides a dynamic approach to problem solving.  These principles are applicable to all levels of military command or civilian management. The book is an in-depth study of methods and practices that will improve one’s chances of success. It is well researched and full of good examples – “lessons learned have to be discussed and corrected,” “failures are failures,” “learn to ask the right questions,” and “after action reviews start immediately.”  This book is well-written and deserves attention.

Kief Tackaberry, Colonel US Army (Retired), Former Director, Army Program (Northrop Grumman Corporation) 



"I received your book today from the publisher. It truly sets a new standard for a practical guide for management. You met your objectives many times over. It was a quick read. The readability adds to the value of the content. I wish I had read your book before battalion command. Just wanted to tell you what a great book you created." Retired Colonel



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The Ultimate Guide for CEOs HARD COVER w/DUST JACKET

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