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Kate Stenson lives in Asheville, NC and is now happily married to Jax Harper. They met in high school, fell in love, but circumstances kept them apart for many years. Kate first married Ken Burnett. They have two children, a biological daughter Emma, and an adopted son, named Logan. By the time Logan turned six, he had suffered from severe mental health issues. His behavior alternated between violent, hateful rages and sweet, loving tenderness. Throughout the difficulties with Logan, Ken is distant and of little actual help to Kate. After several hospitalizations and countless doctor visits, the decision is made to move Logan to a care facility. Though living with Logan was nearly impossible, the thought of him going away wrenched Kate and Ken's hearts. After Logan was gone, Ken became even more distant and withdrawn from Kate. They divorce after Kate discovers the skeleton in the Burnett family closet.


AUTHOR: T. T. Johnson


CATAGORY: Fiction, General 

The Shattered Faberge Egg

SKU: 9781597553599
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