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The "Sandra Sagas" are a series of short stories about a woman alone in a big city. She is experiencing grief, loneliness and hardship. Her heart leads Sandra to the desert wilderness and she finds answers in solitude and an unusual peace. Throughout the stories her strength comes from her relationship with Christ; she understands His loving touch and appreciates His friendship in her search for a true self. Sandra is a character adrift in a hostile world. She is innocent and guiltless, and her reliance on the Lord keeps her head above water. Sandra stands her ground with wit and charity, and her ability to survive is bound up with an ideal of unconditional love. She has much to say about the oppression and injustice of living in a dominant and inhibiting culture. Sandra is a misunderstood creature with artistic values and she hates the evil of manipulation, propaganda and control. Her search for inner peace is a battleground, and she will settle your mind with her unsteady journey into holiness. The Sagas explode with emotional fury, abandon and final fulfillment. The author hopes to open doors to the truth about life and God's hand upon us all. Susan (Margo) Geiger has been writing since the age of twelve. She tried to publish her first short story about Clara, her piano teacher, with arthritis in her fingers; however, the magazines rejected her attempt. Creative writing in high school gave way to university classes in literature and philosophy. Susan's teachers were always encouraging and believed in her future as a writer. Her inspiration flows from the Spirit, and she speaks of intimacy with inner sanctity and belief in love and the soul.


Author: Susan Geiger


Categories: Inspirational, Short Stories

The Sandra Sagas

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