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This book arose from a straightforward yet compelling question that, honestly, I believe we all wonder but never entertain the thought of it; “if we are all going to die, what’s the point of living?”. This question echoed in my mind for days, and I thought perhaps I should make a video or post about it, but I thought of how about a book. This curiosity of mine was suddenly confirmed by a dream, which I believe was from God, where I clearly could see the book coming towards me as I stared at it.


In this book, my aim is essentially to point people to Jesus Christ, the Savior sent by the Father. I honestly wrote this book with unbelievers in mind, trying to persuade them through the beauty of the Scriptures to realize their sin (of which we are all guilty) but also of their (and of the whole world) need of a Savior. I almost had visions of people reading it and just realizing that they need Jesus to cleanse them from their sins and finally be receivers of eternal life through His death and resurrection.


I earnestly asked God’s guidance, and I pray this book impacts many lives. Looking back at it, I am still amazed and can only think about how He is truly the author of this book and that to Him is ALL the glory, for without Him, I wouldn’t have been able to write this book.



Monica Rosario Santos was originally from Spain but moved to Ireland as a teenager. In this transition of life, she met the Lord one night in her room as she read the book of Matthew for the first time. She gave her life to Jesus that night, and it has never been the same.



RELIGION: Christian Life – Spiritual Growth

RELIGION: Christian Life – Personal Growth

RELIGION: Christian Life – Inspirational



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The Purpose Of Life

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