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The truth is no longer about what is accurate or inaccurate. In a wicked and rebellious world truth has been replaced by godless desires and pursuits. Emotion has transformed truth from factual accuracies into myths based upon how we make others feel. Characteristics of societal delusion demonstrate how and why the world refused to recognize the Biblical role of… THE PROPHET.


This is a Quick Notes summary to help study the book THE PROPHET



Ronald Stetton is an ordinary man firmly rooted in a steadfast trust for God and His Son Jesus, In this book, he looks deep into the truth of the Bible about THE PROPHET.



RELIGION: Eschatology

RELIGION: Christian Theology – Eschatology



the prophet; the antichrist; the antichrist 666; eschatology; eschatology books; eschatology in the bible

THE PROPHET: Quick Notes

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