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Police officers work in a world where there is constant struggle between good and evil. More than any other public service profession; those in the field of law enforcement are in a unique position to make a spiritual difference in the lives of both co-workers and citizens whom they encounter. However; without a firm spiritual foundation, the stress found in a law enforcement career can drag the officer down emotionally thus leading to stress in the family, divorce, addiction, and in extreme cases even suicide. 

The Peacekeepers Bible study is designed to be used by individual law enforcement officers and small groups. It is written by a Christian law enforcement veteran using real life situations that all officers can appreciate. By using biblical quotes and spiritual references, the Peacekeepers study helps you discover and understand God's purpose for your life and career. Chapter topics include issues such as work stress, becoming spiritually connected, developing a stronger marriage and family, and being a sound witness for Christ. 

This is a must read book for anyone in the field of law enforcement who may be struggling with the question "How can I be both a cop and a Christian?"


Author: Michael Dye


Categories: Law Enforcement, Biblical Studies

The Peacekeepers

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