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Blessed to be a part of over 40 medical missions to Latin America, Jamaica, and Hait, Dr. Braden has felt the amazing presence of the Holy Spirit on numerous occasions.


Inspiration, encouragement, and teaching have come in moments of trial and challenge as well as in unexpected graces and consolations. Although these stories, poems, and reflections are very personal, the author hopes the reader will be able to hear the Spirit speak personally and intimately as each of us seeks to live out our own mission.


Sharing our stories can further unite us as the Body of Christ. His messages for each of us meet us right where we are, so open your ears and listen to both the Noise and the Silence.



Stephen A. Braden, M.D. is a family physician in Bryan, Texas. He has traveled to Latin America, Jamaica, and Haiti with medical mission teams. A husband, father, and grandfather, he is active in his home parish of St. Joseph Catholic Church in Bryan, Texas, and writes from the perspective of his own experiences and encounters with the voice of the Spirit.



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The Noise and The Silence

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