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A worldwide news story surfaces entitled The Man. Investigative reporters, Joe Dailey and his wife Marilyn, want to interview The Man.


They intentionally seek some of those whom The Man has reached. In the process Joe discovers a part of himself he has pushed aside for years.


The book reveals the quest for personal hope. It merges the reality of current events, and its effect on the longing of one's heart.


Marilyn said, "Joe, we’re journalists and we are on to a story. I don't think it's a coincidence that The Man is appearing everywhere. I think there is a link between The Man's appearances and the spiritual evil lurking in the world".



Dennis Stephan Cole, formerly a pastor and before that a professional actor in Boston and New York City, has traveled for over 20 years as a Bible Actor under Dramatic Christian Ministries - Narrow Gate Theater, a ministry co-founded with his wife Wendy. He has written, directed and produced live plays with his cast of Narrow Gate Actors. He currently produces ‘Narrow Gate News’ found on YouTube & Rumble with commentary on current events. His screenplay ‘The Emmaus Road ' was the inspiration for 'The Man', a contemporary vision from Luke 24.


This is his third book. 'Journey Through The Narrow Gate' and 'The Journey Together' were also published through Advantage Books.



FICTION: Christian / Classic Allegory


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