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Book 7: The Day of the Lord Comes to Earth


In book 7 there is a time, maybe days, maybe some years before the action of this book goes into action, which is only known by Jesus, with Lord God Almighty when the Father says, “Now is the time!”  With this Jesus, the archangels, angels, winged horses with riders come to earth carrying out the mission, the warfare against dragon(Lucifer) and his army.  The book unveils the battle plan.  At the end of the day Jesus arrives at the Mount of Olives!   I suggest everyone read Revelation (use KJV only) for understanding to the trouble we are in, to why this day finally comes as explained in Old and New Testament.


Author: Daniel Leske


Categories: Inspirational, Children, Heaven



The Joy of Heaven 7

SKU: 97815697555753
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