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Book 5: Unless the Days be Shortenend


The inspired writing continues in book 5. “Unless the Days be Shortened” is from the Bible verse, Matthew 24:22,” And except those days should be shortened, there should no flesh be saved: but for the elect’s sake those days shall be shortened.”


This verse allows Lord God a change in his prophecy of Revelation if he so desires!


It is to protect his own. When I started writing, I thought there was only Joy of Heaven l. Then in time, it became l, 2, and 3. I thought I was done. Then 4 and 5 came about! This is inspired writing and I know one thing and that is the Lord is pushing straight ahead with his prophecy and fulfillment into the millennium.


Book 5 is a step to this and should be read! As you read the next three books, note that the Creator has the responsibility to govern all the universe as well as heaven.


Earth is very special to the Creator! More special than any of us may realize, so he wants the beauties of his animals, forests, seas, and oceans protected for the future. He sees all of us as caregivers to taking care of the earth.


Read now a book where the Father is drawn or forced into making tough decisions. All of us must bear through these decisions and still try to have a nice life on earth in a time where spiritual battles are on the horizon.


Author: Daniel Leske


Categories: Inspirational, Children, Heaven

The Joy of Heaven 5

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