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Book 4: Inward Tehy Flew


The Lord decided to open the door more!   Wee Angel and Felicia continue to visit more beautiful mansions, prayer areas and more on God's Holy City.   An awesome thought, Felicia said, "I'm finally home! " Then they meet Jesus again, with David and Joshua from the Bible, including many, many more white winged horses with power riders.   A quiet flight turns into a mission towards earth, meeting other formations of these horses and riders led by other names from Bible.   During flight the Archangels join in!

Jesus riding his favorite winged horse, is in front and in command!   Thousands of angels praising Jesus!

Joel 2:30 "And I will show wonders in the heavens. ...."

The inspired writing continues in book 4.


Author: Daniel Leske


Categories: Inspirational, Children, Heaven

The Joy of Heaven 4

SKU: 9781597554084
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