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What really happens during the seven or more hours of the school day? Parents and guardians assume that all educators are equipped mentally, physically, and spiritually to impart knowledge and lead children in the right direction. Those who raise children in Christian homes assume that each weekday they are sending their children to institutions where educators are passionate about educating children. In every system or society there are hidden rules that outsiders are not aware of and there is the unspoken rule that those hidden rules are to be kept hidden even in the realm of education.

Most educators would love for parents to actually be partners with them in the education process, but it could be that neither party really knows what that means. In order to work as partners, belief systems must be acknowledged, respected and sometimes shared. Think of the ramifications, the effect on your children, as they spend countless hours with others who may not believe in God as you do. It is important that we find out who’s minding our children.

I believe in reading, the power of the printed word, both read and written. I love encouraging others to read and learn. You might say I’m a book pusher. My hope is that they will develop a desire to read and learn. I often feel a sense of responsibility for the education of others, especially children, as we all should.

This book is not a cure-all for what ails our educational or parenting systems. However, it is my hope that you gain some insight, some Inside Scoop, into the methods and thoughts of those who you may come in contact with on a daily basis. It is also my hope that the suggestions included within this book will spur you on to take charge of children’s education and your own. It is my belief that these suggestions will also enlighten you to discuss the plight of children, parenting and education. It is my hope that these discussions will lead to partnerships, preparation and progress that passionately aspires winners.

Dr. Porchaneé A. White earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Education from Lamar University, a Masters in Educational Administration and Doctorate in Philosophy both from Prairie View A & M University.

Dr. White has served as a teacher and administrator. She is currently a member of the faculty at Lamar University.


Author: Dr. Porchanee' White


Categories: Inspirational, Parenting


The Inside Scoop

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