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King David fought relentless battles in order to bestow a kingdom of peace to his son Solomon. David, a conquering “man of blood”, brought Israel’s enemies into subjection. In turn, King Solomon rested in his father’s accomplishments. In fact, Solomon’s only entitlement to the kingdom was being born into it! In the same way, we were born-again into a kingdom of peace through Jesus’ bloody cross. We now rest from war as the New Testament Solomons.


This book will delve deep into the lives of these Old Covenant kings for one reason: to reveal the King of glory. This revelation will confirm how God’s nature never changed… ours did! Moreover, The Honor Of Kings will prove how Jesus is the reason these rulers were accounted for in the first place. God’s goodness, Jesus Christ, is hidden within the pages of the Bible, and to find Him is the honor of kings.



David Ravella is a teacher of God’s word, who focuses on revealing Jesus Christ within the pages of the Old Testament.

David and Melissa Ravella, along with their daughter Ava, reside in Long Island, New York. David is excited for the promise God declared to him: revival in his home state. The best is yet to come!



Christian Life: Inspirational

Religion: Old Testament Studies



honor of kings; Old Testament studies; Old Testament theology; God's goodness; the case for Christ; the case for Christ book; the Old Testament for dummies

The Honor of Kings

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