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Waking up in the middle of a battlefield surrounded by the dead can be quite disorienting. In this first entry into the Fallen Heroes Reborn series, a soldier wakes up in the midst of chaos. The last survivor of his battalion, Chronol must escape now enemy territory and look for survivors. Accompanied by only his wolfhound pup, he ventures across the plains and forests, doing his best to survive.


But things change as he finds his body different than it used to be. Speed, strength, and an unnatural glow in his eyes mark a change he doesn’t understand. But as the years turn into decades, he realizes one thing: he can no longer grow old. Follow the journey of The Green-Eyed Guardian, the first of the immortals, as he struggles with loss, confusion, depression, and the search for his purpose in this world.


CATEGORIES: FICTION: Fantasy – Action & Adventure


KEYWORDS: Fallen Heroes Reborn series; Action; Adventure; superheroes; immortals Fantasy, Fiction


AUTHOR:Joey Cardona

The Green-Eyed Guardian ePub

SKU: 9781597556507
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