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                     THE GOSPEL for Believers, Skeptics and Cultured Despisers


“In The Gospel for Believers, Skeptics and Cultured Despisers, Robert Greer boldly addresses the question that church leaders have discussed since the beginning of the twenty-first century: “Why are so many young adults leaving the church?” In the first few pages he repeats a common observation that many Christians have a too simplistic or shallow understanding of the gospel which leaves them vulnerable to the challenges presented in our secular world. He then launches into a thorough and tightly written explanation of the gospel of Christianity for all readers and from many perspectives.


This book is an excellent summary of the ever-morphing but never changing heart of the Christian faith as gleaned from Holy Scripture, church history and from other faiths. Greer writes with precision providing a book that can be read as an apologetic, a theology or as a reference tool.



I highly recommend this book for all readers who might be believers, skeptics or perhaps cultured despisers. The book will leave the open-minded inquirer with a new appreciation for Jesus and the gospel that is intellectually and spiritually stimulating and compelling.”

—JERRY B. CAIN, president of Judson University, 1998-2011


“I dare say that Dr. Robert Greer has provided the most exhaustive work available on the understanding and application of the gospel as it relates to various cultural situations and interpretations. As a veteran senior pastor and professor of evangelism for almost forty years, believe me when I tell you this book is essential for every Christian who desires to stay relevant in communicating the eternal and unchanging truths of the gospel in a confused world. I found the book to be both practical in application and well-grounded academically. Therefore, I strongly recommend that you get a copy for your personal library today.”

—DAVID WHEELER, Senior Executive Director, Liberty University Shepherd’s Office



Robert C. Greer is an adjunct professor of theology at both Liberty University and Judson University. He is a graduate of the Sacramento Bible Institute, received his M.A. in theological and biblical studies at Wheaton College and a Ph.D. in theology at Marquette University. He established a theological education by extension division to a seminary in Tasquillo, Hidalgo with UFM-International. He is also the author of Mapping Postmodernism: A Survey of Christian Options, Qur’an Revealed, What the Qur’an Reveals, Leadership Secrets of Muhammad, Faith and Life, and DaVinci’s Code Exposed.



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The Gospel

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