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Through working on four Billy Graham Crusades/Festivals, serving as a Stephen Minister & Mercy Minister, and currently as president of Christian Help, a Christian non-profit serving West Virginia, I was inspired to write a book to analyze the reason people personally believe in Jesus Christ without saying the Bible tells me so. The book looks at my personal faith journey and also keys on a very diverse group of peoples' testimony of why Christ is ultimately the answer to their life. The book makes a strong case for why ultimately Jesus Christ is the way, the truth, and the life. All other "religions" and life philosophies were considered with the conclusion that Jesus Christ is more relevant today than ever and that you can live (present and future tenses) in Him who is truly the Alpha and the Omega. It's a very tough world out there that spares no one in the final analysis regardless of race, creed, religion, gender, political ideology, or any other factor. Without being grounded in something real, omnipotent, and eternal, life is ephemeral and superficial. To live a meaningful life each person must find their true "God" and live accordingly. As the Good News of Jesus Christ clearly states unlike Gentiles, Christians, although they too grieve, die, and are saddened by losses, they ultimately rejoice for they are confident of eternal life. The Essential Christ is basically a 3-part book that addresses: 1. My personal faith journey to find my ultimate truth. 2. A compilation of over 20 others' perspectives regarding why Jesus Christ is their personal answer to life. 3. A guide to thriving in the real world 21st century today and why Christ is still relevant in our modern world. The book promotes the concept of faith and works. As a believer in Jesus Christ we serve a noble cause in His holy name which makes all the difference in our modern world.

AUTHOR: Mike Neusch


CATAGORY: Christian Theology, Inspirational, Apologetics

The Essential Christ

SKU: 9781597553391
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