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The Emergency Bird is a collection of tales starring two young boys, brothers Rudy and Mark, who know that loving God can lead to great adventure. Late at night while the two boys are sleeping, a messenger, the Emergency Bird, will come tapping on their window. Rudy and Mark know exactly what that tapping means - it is time for a mission! The Emergency Bird briefs the boys on a particular situation that needs their attention. Seeking wisdom and strength from King Jesus, Rudy and Mark set off on their bikes to rescue someone in need. What sets these boys apart is their heart behind their bravery. They seek no recognition for themselves even when the situation puts their own lives in danger. The Emergency Bird is not only an exciting collection of adventure stories, but is also a means of sharing the truth of the Gospel to young listeners. A boy's sense of courage, honor, and integrity is greatly appealed to throughout this book.


AUTHOR: Lauren Souers


CATAGORY: Christian Life, Inspirational

The Emergency Bird

SKU: 9781597553728
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