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Never in my life have I seen such political chaos and ugliness coming from the Democrat party. When I was growing up, the Democrat party stood for laudable principles, which represented the best interest of the working people. Now they are hell-bent on destroying the very foundations of our country.


We are in a fight for the very survival of our constitutional republic, a battle against the Swamp Dwellers that are working behind the scenes in our government in a coup attempt to reverse the 2016 election. These non-elected bureaucrats, 90 percent of which are Democrats, have been scheming to impeach President Trump since the moment he was elected.


Why are they doing this?


What is behind their visceral hatred for our President and even our country?


In The Children of the Swamp, I dig deep into the origins of the godless evolutionary swamp and reveal the substance that drives their bitterness and hatred for our country.


I believe that the Democrat Party is the single biggest threat to the continued existence of our nation. Unless we recognize this for what it is, we will lose our country as we know it and become a socialist country, one that will be at war against anyone who loves God and loves the United States of America

The Children of The Swamp

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