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THE BOOK OF ESTHER: God Watches from the Shadows


Sometimes as children of God, we face situations we don’t understand. Then when we pray, it seems like our prayers are not heard, which can make us question if God isn’t there at all.

In the Bible, the Book of Esther reveals that we are His beloved children, and He is always watching over us no matter what we go through. We can’t rely on our feelings. We have to rely on our faith and His awesome faithfulness!


I hope that The Book of Esther: God Watches from the Shadows brings you to a deeper relationship with the Lord and that through it, you realize that no matter what you feel, He is always watching over you, even if in the shadows.



J. Thomas Ruble II was born and raised in Kentucky on the Family Farm. Every Sunday, they attended the Baptist church a mile from their house. This is where J. Thomas accepted the Lord at a revival at the age of ten. He always loved reading and studying the Word of God, going to Sunday School, and writing.



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Chapter 1: The Rash Decision of a Drunk King

Chapter 2: Province Beauty Pageant

Chapter 3: Promotion of a Wicked Man

Chapter 4: Evil Plans of a Wicked Man Revealed

Chapter 5: Esther to the Rescue

Chapter 6: God reveals His Plan, With a Sense of Humor

Chapter 7: Last Meal, Sudden Death

Chapter 8: God’s Reversal of Wicked Plans

Chapter 9: Great Celebration of the Feast of Purim

Chapter 10: Peace & Prosperity

THE BOOK OF ESTHER: God Watches from the Shadows

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