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Many of our modern seminaries and pulpits are void of the biblically mandated instruction on missions and global outreach. Because of this, our local churches are ignoring their God-given mandate to reach the nations for the glory of Christ. Missions is not an optional program in the church. It is the church.

This book attempts to start a conversation about missions in our homes, churches, and seminaries. Consider it a primer, intended to increase your passion for the lost in the world. The book originates from many real-life failures and a few successes in the mission field.

Whether you are a goer, a sender, or trying to figure out your roll in missions, there are many theological and practical gems awaiting you in this book. If you have never considered missions or you are already a global warrior, there is plenty here to help you better glorify God among the nations.

The Beautiful Feet of Missions

SKU: 9781597554978
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