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How do we expect God to work in our lives? We often think that God will move us along simple, straight paths. After all, the shortest distance between two points is a straight line. This saves time and distance. But God is rarely concerned or limited by time or distance. Our expectations of how God should be working in our lives are quite often unsupported by the life stories we find in scripture. We see it over and over again: God works in peoples’ lives in indirect ways – in almost a “zig-zag” manner. It’s like the switchbacks on a steep hiking trail. Join the author as we examine the life of several biblical characters to see how God moved in quite remarkable ways to bring people to a place of total trust and faith. Perhaps God wishes to work in our lives in the same way, no matter how unpredictable and uncertain things may seem!



Dr. David Rox holds degrees in music education from Gordon College and Boston University. He is a retired Professor of Music from Gordon College in Wenham, Massachusetts, where he taught for 38 years. He has been a long-time church lay leader, Bible teacher and musician. He lives in Rowley, Massachusetts with his wife, Margot.




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1: A Journey To A Miracle: ABRAHAM

2: The Rugged Road: JACOB

3: Traversing Highs And Lows: JOSEPH

4: Falling Off A Cliff: JOB

5: The Wilderness Way: MOSES

6: A Trail Back Home: RUTH AND NAOMI

7: The Long Road To A Crown: DAVID

8: A Tale Of Two Mountains: ELIJAH

9: Walking With Courage: DANIEL

10: A Path To Ponder: MARY

11: Coming To The Crossroads: PAUL

12: The Purposeful Journey: JESUS

13: Switchbacks: FOR YOU AND ME



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