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To help myself and men overcome spiritual warfare, I spent four years identifying 19 areas I feel men are struggling with. I feel most men are like me and do not like to just sit down and read a non-sports book. Therefore, I divided the book into a four week easy reading study guide that should only take men 20 – 30 minutes a day to read. Because I know how important the weekends are to men and their desire for sports and other hobbies, the book is structured to appear as interaction sessions as if the reader is attending a 20 business day workshop. The areas men struggle with are divided into the four week sessions discussing Living in the Flesh, Focus on the Family, Idolatry, and Healthy Living. These four week sessions touch on topics such as lust, flirting, marriage, parenting, sports, cars, physical health, and emotional health. I feel addressing sinful topics that men are facing, using my life as testimonies, and structuring the book where you must list your testimonies will make men know that they are not alone and that others have gone through, going through, or may go through. This approach will help men open up and take a closer look at their lives.


Author: Melvin Whittenburg


Categories: Men's Studies, Men's Issues, Military Families 

Surviving Battle Wounds

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