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Stepping into Missions is a good resource for potential missionaries of all ages, especially young people who are deciding how they want to spend their time, money, and resources in serving the Lord.  - Rachel Joe


Jesse speaks from experience through fascinating stories about the practical challenges and blessings of short-term trips as well as lifetime missionary service. - Aaron Campbell


Stepping Into Missions provides the reader with an entertaining but realistic and up-close narrative highlighting mission life and work,  pointing out the complexities which can arise over years and during differing stages of a foreign missions experience. - Hannah VaLeu


Stepping into Missions’ reflective style paired well with the narrative, complementing each other with clear purpose. - Isaiah Magnuson


Stepping into Missions is written because of the authors’ full and practical understanding of life as a missionary, complete with joys and sorrows, comedic moments and stressful scenarios. - Naomi DesChane 



Peggy Covert and her husband, Dan, have been part of the home team for a number of missionaries, encouraging and supporting them in various ways.  Over the past 40 years they have had the privilege of visiting missionaries in twenty countries. One of Dan and Peggy's joys has been the opportunity to lead children's classes at numerous missionary conferences.


Jesse Mattix has served as a missionary to Peru and Bolivia over the last 17 years.  Along with his wife Janel they raised their two children, Fionna and Isaac, on the field.  Their primary mission was training young leaders with a one year Bible School program. Jesse has the added insight of having been born and raised on the mission field.  



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Stepping Into Missions

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