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Star Fighter One


Islamic elitists discover that it would be next to impossible to destroy vehicles traveling post light speed. To jump the west in technology, they formulate a Jihad chamber and put spies in high-level positions in the west to steal nuclear technology to power their craft.


Enter an unsuspecting Air Force pilot in this international intrigue, Jean Pierre Pelletier, a nuclear physicist. Jean, unaware that he is the target of terrorist spies, loses his wife and best friend to their plot.


The US discovers the Jihad chamber and the imminent danger of letting them go unmatched. Jean, a Christian, tremendously reeling from loss, must resolve the formula for breaching light speed, deal with rising mass theorists and the Higgs boson while leading the project to build Star Fighter One, and protect his family.


Then he must fly the craft into space meeting the Islamic threat, and land it back on earth at breakneck speeds.

Star Fighter One eBook

SKU: 9781532315749
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