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Anyone who wants to know about Jesus, the figure who towers over human history, must study the Gospels. In SOLID ROCK – Stress Testing the Gospels, Peter Murfitt tackles the crucial question of their historical reliability.


The approach is evidence-based and should appeal to a wide audience. Based on recent research, it includes a fresh investigation of the origins of the Gospels. 


The truth of the Gospels is examined with respect to the concepts of correspondence (with reality) and coherence (within the documents themselves). 



“This volume is an invaluable and approachable resource for anyone interested in the veracity and reliability of the Gospels. Its scholarship is as thorough as it is convincing.”

Daniel B England, Author of “A Reader’s Guide to the Gospel of Mark.”


“Peter’s accessible intellectual rigour means that I heartily recommend this book to anyone regardless of their current faith position.”

Steve Pollard, Author of “Well Done, Good and Faithful Servant.”


“Peter has written this great book for all to see the solid foundations of the Gospels: the truth, which is so important in our post-truth world.”

Reinhard Rehberg, Member of Vineyard Leadership Board for Germany, Austria and Switzerland.



Peter Murfitt was born in the UK and studied science and engineering at Cambridge University, where he also learnt the techniques of biblical research, before obtaining a Ph.D. from the University of London. For ten years his research interest has been the historical reliability of the New Testament, on which this book is based. Married, with two children, Peter lives in Alsace, France.



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Solid Rock EPUB

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