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One of the most life-changing and hopeful truths that we will ever embrace is that we can open our lives in a more profound way to God's fathomless love. Our hearts can be set ablaze with a longing to know God more intimately and to love him more deeply. From the place of intimacy with God in Christ, we see ourselves, our world, and God's purposes through his loving heart.


So Longs My Soul sets before us the wonder and privilege of communion with God. In the light of God's Word, this hope-saturated book explores the vital principles and unfailing promises which open the way to this love relationship with our creator. Our heavenly Father calls us to this wonder-filled adventure of living from the place of intimacy with him.


If we answer God's call, if we say yes to this divine romance, God will take us ever deeper into his heart of boundless, unfailing love. He will respond to our cry for intimacy with him if, genuinely and passionately, it is the longing of our souls.

So Longs My Soul EBOOK

SKU: 9781597556248
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