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The brief references to the disciple and apostle Simon Peter provided special insight into the ministry and person of Jesus Christ. Whenever Peter's name is mentioned, we can see that something was happening which moved him forward on his incredible journey of faith. From lowly and obscure beginnings, Simon Peter emerged as the world changer he was. In the school of the Master, there was a disjointed ride of revelation and triumph, of slowness and sharpness, dulness and brilliance. The journey is vital for us all to digest and emulate in the development of our own faith. To some people, this book will not be obvious theological teaching, and may well shake the orthodoxy that many cling to as being a safe place to exist. The cliché's and perceived truth which conform to a traditional understnading of the Bible are seriously examined and in many aspects found wanting. The intention of this book is not to be controversial, but rather to discover the truth and be fearless in holding to it. But brace yourself for a wonderful new approach to the riches the Bible holds for those who seek to discover the 'greater things' Jesus had in mind. No one can fully understand the extent of the transition we see in Peter, from a fisherman who didn't know where to fish to the man who preached the gospel and 3000 souls were saved. The founder of the Church, which was built by Jesus Christ Himself was a truly great man. Study the journey and enjoy the ride called FAITH. Malcolm Baxter has spent his working life in Financial Services, mostly as a successful Financial Adviser in his own business. For fifty years, Malcolm has been an active Christian, with a teaching, mentoring and pastoral ministry and he assists in running Tring workplace church, England. Married to Margaret, they have four children and seven grandchildren.


Author: Malcolm Baxter


Catagories: Inspirational, Faith

Simon Peter

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