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Science and the Pre-Adamic World is a delve into the mystery of the universe.

Man has been ignorantly searching for a God that looks similar to human beings under the space darkness, but unknown to man, God is not a man but a Spirit being that formed our dark universe and all therein. Over the years, the dark universe has been a puzzle to the scientific and theological communities, who may have been blind to the existence of the multiverse. Of course, our scientific communities have been exploring the universe in a bid to salvage the world from ignorance, mediocrity, and idleness. Scientific contributions have revolutionized man's knowledge; however, certain mysteries, such as the darkness and black holes in space, have concerned our scientific communities, which they have termed - the end of knowledge. Such an end to scientific knowledge about the mysteries of the universe has been revealed by the word of God already. In this book, you will discover how you can understand…

- The mystery of the black holes in space.

- The existence of the human race established under the dark universe, which differs from the multiverse.

- The concept of life and the big bang theory.

- The existence of ancient people sunk in the previous earth, paving the way for the    current Adamic human race.

- That there has never been a war in heaven as erroneously believed

- The Adamic race as descents of previous fossils.

- The difference between the soul and the spirit - a riddle bedeviling our theological communities.

You will also understand that the Adamic race plays out according to the script written by the author of life.



The ministry of Alfred Adjarho is centered on the teachings of the mysteries of the scriptures, as he was anointed by God for this purpose. His in-depth analysis of the scriptures is spectacular and unique. He explains and reveals erroneous teachings of past generations and explains what the scriptures teach us. Alfred is a graduate Mathematician who is married with children.



pre-adamic earth; creation; creations; creation science; science and creation; evolution; evolution book




RELIGION: Religion & Science

SCIENCE: Life Sciences - Evolution

Science and the Pre-Adamic World

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