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Do you spoon through gooey swirls in your favorite ice cream collecting clusters of candy? Savor the Savior will teach you how to single out your favorite morsels from Scripture, savor each one, and praise the Lord, who lovingly prepared them. Many people struggle to keep a daily quiet time-not knowing where to begin or how to stick with it-but this enjoyable little book acts as your personal trainer, encouraging you enthusiastically as you go. Stocked with samples, answers to common questions, and even a detailed leader's guide for four fun-filled group lessons, Savor the Savior is a handy and priceless resource. As you discover who God really is and how much He loves you, your relationship with Him will deepen. Tap into an addictive means of meeting with the Lord on a personal level, and be prepared to develop an ever growing love for the One who truly loves you: Jesus Christ.


AUTHOR: Jeri Daniel


CATAGORY: Biblical Studies, Bible Study Guides, Christian Life, Inspirational

Savor the Savior

SKU: 9781597552646
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