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RUTH: God’s Favor with a Caress of Truth

A Gentle perspective from the rural side of life


The unit of study you hold in your hands describes the way of the life of the farmer in Midwestern states. In the day of the book of Ruth, through the knowledge offered from the Bible is the clear unity of God to a female He loved. We explore the groundwork and learn how God made viable His graft of the lineage of Ruth and Boaz. The son they bore was of Christ’s heritage and it was a declaration of the family unity supported by the hand of God. Knowing God had favor for a people group before Christ’s birth brings a bond of favor to our hearts. The love of the Father to this region of the world was witnessed by two women of faith in the manner of pursuing Christ as well. The length of the study is simplistic so a small group can gather on a weekend retreat or even an evening commute and a regular expression of time can be adhered to.



Today Robin Arne replaces moments in time with prayer and reading of the Word of God. She builds with clay and produces written material for many to learn from or hear her insights and thoughts. She is a witness who never forgets where to look for true comfort or hope.


She prepares daily by trusting God’s direction and gleaning a true connection with His person. She realizes only God can build true character and that His perspective on how to live is what lies at the core of a true witness. Shouldering the responsibility of others is not her work. She is not the hope or true measure of a plan. She simply knows Jesus is the one to follow and she expresses this in her writing material.


God is the one to pursue. He is the one to gain insight from and He is the goal Robin sets forth. He never fails her, and she sets her sights toward His person. Today is the opportunity for you to do the same. Trust in scripture and learn the importance of what really matters.


RELIGION: Christian Life – Inspirational

RELIGION: Biblical Studies – Old Testament



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RUTH: God's Favor with a Caress of Truth

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