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ATTENTION ALL CHRISTIANS! • Are you confused about who you should vote for this election? • Do you wonder why voting is important? • Do you see hypocrisy in Christian politicians? In this book, Freya Huffman will awaken you to the importance of voting and why God should be involved your vote. While we are citizens of the United States of America, foremost, we are citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven and our vote should mirror God's views. God has called us to be stewards over this earth. 2 Corinthians 5:20 says we are ambassadors of Christ. An ambassador is an authorized messenger or representative. As a representative of Jesus Christ, and our vote should be reflective of His ways, not our ways. Jesus is not a Democrat or Republican! You can find Jesus' characteristics in the platforms of both parties. It is important to know the issues and what the candidates stand for, then after all the research, "Pray before you vote". Freya S. Huffman, is the wife of Pastor Rodney P. Huffman . Together, they have seven children: Ryan, Ebony, Akoli, Jeremiah, Jordan, Hannah and Kendall. She is the previous Dean of the Deliverance School of Ministry and is a professor at University of Phoenix, Strayer University, and Miller-Motte Technical College focusing in Mathematics, Business, Information Technology and Human Resources. She is also the founder of the Teknowlogy Factory, a technology consulting firm. She is a Minister at Waynesboro Deliverance Church in Waynesboro, Georgia and serves on the Prison and Witnessing Team Ministries. They reside in Warner Robins and Grovetown, Georgia.


Author: Freya S. Huffman


Categories: Inspirational

Pray Before You Vote

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