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Our God-given Fundamental Rights: And the unconstitutional effort to mitigate, infringe, and violate them.

Our God-given Fundamental Rights accomplishes the following objectives.

  • It identifies the most necessary and essential God-given fundamental rights for humanity.
  • It identifies and defines the criteria for God-given fundamental rights to garner constitutional protection.
  • It illustrates that science cannot disprove God.
  • It answers the typical atheist objections about the Bible and the existence of God.
  • It proves the United States is not a secular nation and history without God is wrong.
  • It identifies techniques used by the progressive revolution to mitigate constitutional principles and our God-given fundamental rights.
  • It examines dozens of examples to explain how the United States government infringes on the God-given fundamental rights of its citizens.
  • It illustrates that the Declaration of Independence and Constitution were Divinely influenced.
  • It disputes the causation theories for both the Revolutionary War and Civil War provided in our history books in favor of a hypothesis they were fought for Our God-given fundamental rights.
  • It evaluates over one hundred biblical verses germane to fundamental rights.
  • Finally, it provides solutions to regain the Founding Fathers vision for America.



Patrick Bohan has a B.S. in electrical engineering from Penn State University. He is an accomplished rock climber, mountaineer, and cyclist. He is a state and national champion time trialist and has written several books and authored several technical and political articles. Patrick spends his free time studying constitutional law, theology, history, and science. His books, Defending Freedom of Contract and Our God-Given Fundamental Rights detail the progressive revolution that has expanded the power of the executive, legislative, and judicial branches of government that work tirelessly to mitigate the God-given fundamental rights of citizens. More information can be found at


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ISBN Paperback: 978159757474; Hardcover: 9781597557719; eBook: 9781597557580

Our God-Given Fundamental Rights

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