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One Day With Jesus How long did it take you to hear Jesus' words inviting you to come and give Him an opportunity to turn your life upside down? Some people may have to spend a life time to allow Jesus to do this! But this book was created by God to show you how His Son can do this in just one day! Well, it takes very special circumstances in people's lives to allow Jesus to enter in our lives at just the right time. Every character described in this book can share with you the very best circumstances to make Jesus your King in a matter of twenty four hours. It worked for them and I guarantee if you are in the same exact situation they were it will work for you as well. What gives me the conviction that it will? Jesus of course! I am not making this up on my own! "Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation; the old has gone, the new has come!" 2 Cor. 5:17 If you are struggling with any addiction or suffering from any "diseases" incurable to men; trust me, there is nothing Jesus cannot heal because there is not such thing as an incurable disease! My friends, Jesus' Ministry of healing was just that- healing souls! But only because He was God complemented His healing ministry with physical healing to help others believe He came from God. Do not look to get healed from any disease if your soul is deteriorating and lost. That is the very first thing Jesus - The Greatest Physician- would immediately give you a prescription for. A dosage of a "drug" only He can prescribe for all- Forgiveness. Who can heal a drug addict, a grieving mother, a refugee, the maimed, the lost, the homosexual, the soldier, you and me? I only know of one my friend- Jesus. Who does not need Jesus in their lives? Who can afford to live without Him? No one can. Do not let anyone fool you saying, "I am very happy the way I am" if they are just "pretending" behind a huge mask. I was one of those "food addicts" who became anorexic when I was only fifteen years old. And believe me, Jesus did for me what I described in each of those beautiful inspiring stories. I chose to name every character the same and many will be wondering why always Anna and John? But trust me; it was not really I who made the decision to keep the same names for all. It was Jesus! He Himself told me- "My child, you better let everyone know no sin is greater than another." But how can a "Grieving Mother" be sinning if she only lost a son? No, it was not the fact she had lost her son, but that her soul was lost without her son. Let me help you understand that very profound revelation from Almighty God- we are all lost without Jesus. It is that simple my friend. No one is better than anyone for Jesus. He died for "whosoever believes" - The entire world. Never condemn anyone because he acts or looks different from you. You may be punished by God if you continue to do this after you read this book! No! Do not be afraid to read it thinking that God may convict you and punish you right then and there as you read it. But it is my fervent prayer it will do for you what it did to Anna and John. Can you understand now why I named every character the same? We all are Adam and Eve. That is what Jesus was doing with me; trying to convict me of something we all tend to do- condemn others! Enjoy the most precious book you will forever treasure! Why? You will pass it on from generation to generation because we all are Adam and Eve before God.


Author: Neysa Caceres


Catagories: Inspirational

One Day with Jesus

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