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You’re about to embark upon a 30-day journey of excitement! For the next six weeks, you will be sharing God’s Word with those who are in your group and/or class. Of course, you could do this study alone, but this study will come out greater if you share it with family, friends and people you love. With this in mind, once a week gather with the people who make up your group. Design a set place and time for you to meet. Each group session should last no more than an hour and a half. You should have a DVD that contains inspirational messages from Dr. Adolph (if you’re not the group leader, your leader should have the disc) and a workbook in hand that consists of group sessions designed to enrich you and individual devotionals composed to inspire you. Start each group session by following the directions given at the start of each chapter. When the group sessions have been concluded there will be time allotted for dialogue and discussion concerning lesson.

During the week, you will need to carve out of your busy schedule at least seven minutes a day for God. This will be your devotional time. This can happen at any point in your day, but make it happen at the same time every day no matter what. During this seven-minute period, you will read the letter of Philippians and write some of your thoughts in your journal. You will find this time of journaling each day both healing and refreshing.

With this in mind, never forget that the Bible is the greatest book that history will ever have in its possession. It is God breathed, spiritually dictated, and divinely inspired. It is a portion of the mind of God on paper; it is bread for the hungry, a light for those in darkness, healing for the wounded, strength for the weak, direction for the lost, a constitution for those who are a part of God’s Kingdom on earth and a road map to victory for every believer who will live its principles and practice its precepts. Therefore, a crucial key to victory in your destiny is to feed your soul God’s Word daily.

Your life is about to change for the better! As you study God’s Word over the next few weeks, you are going to encounter Jesus Christ in some wonderful ways. You will see that in sin, He is a Savior; in darkness, He is a light; in confusion, He is direction; in bondage, He is a liberator; in sickness, He is a physician; in times of hurt, He is a healer; in loneliness, He is a steadfast companion; in weakness, He is your strength; in death, He is your life; and in life, He is your victory. Jesus Christ is our victorious, vicarious King! The finished work of the Lord Jesus Christ at Calvary sealed the scoreboard of life with a win against sin and satan for us once and for all.


AUTHOR: John Adolph


CATAGORY: Devotional, Christian Life, Inspirational

Not Without A Fight

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