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Have you ever wondered why Satan was interested in the body of Moses? (Jude v.9) Or, maybe you've wondered why God, who is so forgiving, would not allow the greatest Old Testament Prophet to cross over into the Promised Land? In the Garden of Gethsemane, was it really stress that caused the sweat of Jesus to be "as it were great drops of blood falling to the ground"? Or was it desire? What about the Antichrist; is he among us? Who will he be? Where will he come from? Does the Bible discuss the coming Theocracies or the return of the Melek Tsedek?


"No King But Caesar" is a foundational study that will clarify the answers to these questions and many others as humanity plummets to its date with destiny.


Be prepared! Bring your sincerity and your Bible as God just may have a few questions for you!



Dewayne Pattie has been teaching the Bible since 1999. He believes in the verbal inspiration of the Bible and teaches the whole Bible "rightly divided" saying, "The Word of God was perfect as it was delivered to the Prophets and the Apostles." Dewayne uses multiple translations of the Bible and ancient extra-Biblical texts in his study as the "safety" that is found in the multitude of counselors. His method of allowing the Scriptures to corroborate and define themselves offers a simplicity and a clarity of understanding unimpeded by modern religious dogma.


Dewayne is a veteran of both the United States Army and the Tennessee Army National Guard. His blue-collar background in manufacturing and small business has provided him with a good platform in which to prove the every-day livability of the Holy Scriptures.


Dewayne currently resides and works in Franklin County Tennessee where he attends the local Church of God with his wife and children.


"As secular society descends into self-destruction, the relevance of the Holy Bible for today is increasingly self-evident." Dewayne Pattie



RELIGION: Biblical Criticism & Interpretation – General

RELIGION: Christian Theology - Eschatology



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No King But Caesar & The Return of The Melchisedec

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