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Why a shepherd and his sheep? Why not a herdsman and his goats? Why are the waters still and the pastures green? What do the sheep lie down to do? (Hint, it is not to rest). Is there a valley called the shadow of death? Where is it? What is a prepared table? The answers to these questions may not be what you think.


Taken from Psalm 23, My Shepherd explains the life of a shepherd and his relationship to his sheep. The instruments a shepherd uses and their purpose are explained in detail. It also discusses the life of the sheep and their dependence and dedication to their shepherd.


This interesting book will help you understand the shepherd (our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ) the sheep (every Christian) and if you follow the shepherd He will lead you to find green pastures which is abundant life!



C.F. “Frankie” Lee, the author is a native of Arkansas. He is a graduate of Luther Rice Seminary and has a TH.D. from Liberty Bible College. He is retired after 52 years in the Transportation industry. His writing is from a layman’s perspective.



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RELIGION: Christian Life – Inspirational

RELIGION: Christian Life – Personal Growth

My Shepherd EPUB

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