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Mentoring Matters—Ready, Set, Soar - Maxine's Story is historical fiction featuring Maxine’s Story. She is a diligent high school student who is fully focused on becoming a Pediatric Surgeon with the assistance of capable mentors. Although Maxine is not an athlete, she is motivated by financially challenged athletes rising up to become global stars.


Be energized by the rich athletic history of the Jamaican people, riveting high school stories, summer celebrations, and the resilience of the country’s recovery from COVID-19.



Maureen F. Bourne Linton, ED.D

Dr. Maureen Bourne Linton, a graduate of Temple University, is the author of the published dissertation and college textbook “The Adjustment of Transfer Students in Four-Year College” (2008). For many years, she administered mentoring and scholarship programs at the University, guiding students to transfer to the four-year college to complete baccalaureate degrees. Dr. Linton was employed as College Program Accreditation Officer, with the University Council of Jamaica (UCJ) 2014 -2016.


J. Robert Linton, CLU, FLMI

Robert Linton studied at the American College of Pennsylvania to develop his career as a Financial Advisor. He is also a track and field enthusiast and a past student at Kingston College (KC), a leading Jamaican institution in athletics with an expansive reservoir of statistical and historical records of worldwide events.



FICTION: Historical – General

FICTION: Historical – 20th Century / General



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Mentoring Matters: Ready, Set Soar - Maxine's Story

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